The Mom Cut

Yep! I went and did it!

I got my hair all chopped off!

It wasn't a hasty decision, though. I put a lot of thought into how I wanted my hair. And I kept coming back to the fact that I've always wanted to try a short hairstyle but have  been too afraid to do so...for many, many years.

So I did some research on short hairstyles (and by research, I mean I used Google Images to find styles that I liked). I printed off all of the pictures of short hair that I liked and thought would suit me and hung on to them for a few days. I studied the pictures and tried to visualize the different hairstyles on my head.

I showed the pics to my hubby, too, to see what he thought about me taking my hair to a shorter length. He was on board. At least, he said he was out loud. I am not really sure what he thought about me going shorter, but he's always been supportive of new things I want to try. And the truth is, I am never really that daring with my style or look, so I think when I do mention doing something off the beaten path (at least for me), he goes along with it...thankfully.

So I made the appointment...about a week ahead. That was too much time...almost. Because the more I started thinking about my hair, and the closer the appointment got, I started talking myself out of it.

But...I didn't smooth talk my way out of it this time.

And here's why:

This shorter haircut started taking on a life of its own in my mind. It came to represent so many things to me, that I just couldn't not do it. I would be letting myself down along with all of the rationalizations of going for it.

I've talked about getting my hair cut short since I was 15 years old. I've always had it in my head that I would like to go really short...just to see what it would be like. And for the past 17 years, I've held onto my hair like it was some sort of security blanket, like I would be lost or somehow really different if I didn't have my straight, stringy hair in a mostly blunt hair style.

But more than letting go of that security blanket, I felt it time to live my life as an example...and example to my son. To show him that it is okay to take some risks and try something new...even if the outcome is not guaranteed. And to some people, cutting off hair may not be a big risk. And it certainly isn't a life-threatening or life-changing event. But for me it was a risk. A risk to let go of something I've held onto for so long. A risk of looking "ugly". A risk of not being attractive to my hubby. And I realize that my son is not even 4-months old yet, and he has no idea what I am doing with my hair. But I still felt compelled and motivated by this little fella that I needed to take this "risk" as a baby step towards living my life as an example to him.

So I did it. I got my hair cut on Monday. And my hubby even called me while I was on my way to the appointment to make sure that I didn't change my mind about it.


Check out "The AFTER"...

Me right after the haircut...all styled up!

The AFTER...2 Days Later
This is how I "style" it

The AFTER...Bobby Pin
And I can even throw in a bobby pin for a little flair

And the truth's not as short as I had wanted to go. But it is still shorter than I've ever had my hair. I let the stylist do his thing once I showed him the pictures and based on my hair and head shape, and this style is what he came up with. 

I may go shorter. I have an appointment early Feb. to add more color (blonde) to it, and I may tell him to chop more of it off. 

But I am proud of myself. For taking this risk...even if it is a very small risk in the grand scheme of things.

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