About Stinky

A 30-something-ish, wifey, momma, not so hip anymore, usually optimistic, often anxious, socially awkward, trying to make some sort of difference somewhere in this world, lover of family and friends, sometimes a little air-headed, foot in the mouth, typically perplexed by life kinda girl!

It's all true! I am a mixed bag of goodies with a few of those unfavorable flavors thrown in. I do my best to be the bestest wifey, momma, daughter, sister, employee and friend that I can be, but I sometimes fail miserably at any one of those roles at any given moment. And I try my hardest each day to be a good, responsible, productive, kind, caring and loving person. But I definitely have my faults and challenges, and I am not always successful at being the person I want to be in this life. 

But I am trying! Each day I wake up with the mindset that I am going to be the best person I can be for that day.

So come along with me on this journey of my life...the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny, the sad, and the (fill in any emotion here)...as I try to navigate through it one day at a time.

Stinky: The Name

Why "Stinky"? It's simple...it's the term of endearment my hubby (who will be referred to as "hubby" or "Nae-Nae" from here on out) gave me within the first month of us dating way back in 2002. It's a name that has stuck ever since. You may be asking yourself, "How in the world is 'stinky' a term of endearment"? He started calling me "Stinky" because I have quite a sensitive sniffer. He told me that I was always saying, "Peeeewwww-weeeee!" or "Something stinks." or "What's that smell"? From that point forward he dubbed me "Stinky." Over time there have been variations to the name such as "Big Stink" and "Baba Stink" (when I am eating a lot) or just plain "Stink." The name has even transferred to one of our mutts, Marlee, who we also lovingly refer to as "Little Stink." Stinky is a persona, a way of being, a lifestyle that my loving hubby was able to capture and pinpoint in those first few weeks of us getting to know each other. So, no, I didn't stink (and still don't stink)!