Stinky's Crew

Here are the people that are very important in my life and impact it on a daily basis. I often write about these people in my blog, so let me officially introduce them.

My Family.
Under One Roof.


Meet my husband. I refer to him as "the Hubby," "Nae-Nae," or "Nae-ners" on this here blog. And if you are wondering why I call him Nae-Nae, it's a nickname given to him by a dear friend several years back, and it just stuck. Naeners is the love of my life. He is sweet, kind, thoughtful, witty, and makes me laugh uncontrollably. He is a passionate guy about a lot of things, but especially when it comes to sports. He speaks his mind, most of the time politely. He is a handy-man around the house and a grillin' machine. He is the one person that annoys the crap out of me and at the same time makes me the happiest girl in the world. My life would not be complete without him in it. 

Meet my baby. I refer to him as "the Baby," "Baby Q," "Quin," and the "Mini-Stink." He's only been here a short time, and he is already my life, my world. He brings so much joy into my life. A joy that I never knew was possible until I met him. He is a delightful little fella with a smile and a giggle that will make your heart melt. He already has a quick temper and will get mad as all get-out in a second, but he is just as easily calmed down once he has your undivided attention. He has an active butt that makes some unbelievable sounds and messy explosions (takes after his father). He loves to sleep on my chest and will snuggle right up in an instant. He is curious about the world. He loves to be loved, and we love to love him.