Think Tank

This is my car...
Honda Civic 2001

I've had this car since May 2001. I thought I was pretty cool when I got it. I think I am even cooler for still having it.  

I don't know what made me think of my little ol' car tonight. But we've been through so much together since I got it. From wild times as a college gal (I got it the last semester of college), to getting that first job, to getting married (I drove to the chapel in this car wearing my veil), to now toting a little one in the back. 

I have dubbed my car the "Think Tank" since its early days. I have always felt that it the one space on this earth that is truly mine and I can completely  be myself. I feel very safe and secure when I get in my car. It is that one space where I am by myself and have the freedom to let my thoughts just flow without any real interruption. I have laughed many laughs on the way to and from places (with friends riding along, talking on the phone, and even just thinking about a funny memory or story all by my lonesome). And I have shed many tears as I've driven up and down the road. I've come up with some of my best ideas and plans as I've drove along. And I've had some of the most intimate and best conversations on my cell phone going along the highways (yes, I am that gal talking on her phone when I drive...but at least I don't text drive! :)). 

I am very attached to my car in a weird sort of way. It just feels comfortable. It's just feels like me. It's not showy or overstated. It's not too big or too small. It doesn't beckon to be looked at, but it's not overlooked either. It's not perfect on the outside (we've had some bumps along the way), but it's in good running condition, and the upkeep is minimal. You could almost describe me in much the same way that I am describing my car. 

I don't have any real plans of getting rid of this car anytime soon. Yea, it's almost ten years old, but we've had such a good run, and it's still running good. In my mind, the car will have to be dead, before I will let it go. Plus, I like not having a car payment. And, yea, having a baby has added a dimension of difficulty when toting the little one around (it's damn hard to get in and out of the back seat with a car seat in a two-door car), but the pain-in-the-assness is little compared to overall reliability and money saved by keeping this car. I just love my car.

And for now, I am happy to have my own little space known as the Think Tank...where I can have my thoughts and be free to be me as I drive along. 

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