Flashback Friday

It's been a while since I've done a "flashback friday," but this flashback isn't from too far ago. You guessed it...it's another post on my pregnancy belly. Go figure!

I had the fortune of getting professional pictures of my preggy belly done by my cousin at Kristi Midgette Photograhy. She did an absolutely fantastic job, and I love each picture. We had so much fun, and she was really able to capture what I was looking for in the pictures when I asked her to take them for us. We are so grateful that she was able to take the pictures, and we all always treasure them.

These pregnancy pictures were taken around 33 weeks pregnant...back in August. I am glad I didn't wait much longer to get the pictures taken because I still felt like I looked pretty good, and it wasn't long after this shoot that I really started feeling and looking very bloated. Timing is always of the essence.

All photos are courtesy of Kristi Midgette Photography.

I love these pictures, but we also took some Demi Moore-esque ones as well. Some people may not want to see the ones where I have more skin revealed, but if you do...check them out after the jump.

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