It's 9:30pm on a Saturday Night...

...and I am ready to go to bed.

Actually, both Naeners and I are ready for bed at that time on Saturday nights. Over a late dinner last night (around 9:30ish pm), we discovered that we wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed. My, my! How things have changed! We talked about how our lives are so different now compared to when we met and were dating in our early 20s. We reminisced about those days when we would just be getting out of the shower to head out for the night on a Saturday at 9:30pm. He said that he felt like a loser wanting to go to bed so early. I reminded him that we are not in our early 20s anymore (not to say that 30s is old), and we have a whole heck of a lot more responsibility and pressure on us now than we did 8 years ago. Plus, if we did go out to a bar or a pub, we would just be complaining that we would rather be home, we can't hear what each other is saying, the music sucks, and we could get a case of beer for the cost of 3 beers at the bar. And who do we need to be "cool" for anyways? Honestly, I am okay with crawling into bed at 9:30pm on a Saturday night. Let me rephrase that: Actually, I am okay with wanting to crawl into bed at 9:30pm (I still had to clean the kitchen, put away the laundry, do some bills, and pick up some things before bedtime). Oh, reality!

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