2nd Time Might Be the Charm

If at first you don’t succeed, keep on sucking till you do succeed. 
~ Curly Howard of the Three Stooges

So we already know that I tried to do NaBloPoMo last month but didn't hit the mark. We had a family situation that obviously took precedence over blogging. Well, I am back (finally), and I am going to give it another whirl this month...maybe I will get a post up everyday...and maybe I won't...but I am going to do my best to git 'er dun this month.

I really need this...this blogging. I need to have something in my life that is just about me...something that I am doing for myself. Blogging may not seem like the typical "me" or relaxation activity, but it is for me. It gives me a platform to vent and rant about whatever is on my mind as well as share the happenings of my everyday mundane life (however uneventful it may be on that particular day). The other good thing about blogging as an activity for me is that is free (and I need all the free stuff I can get these days). 

December may be a better month for me to do NaBloPoMo because a lot has been going on (hence the reason for me being m.i.a. on this blog) and a lot is about to be happening (which may really present a challenge at being successful at NaBloPoMo this month). I still have things I need to write about in reference to my birthing story and post-baby body and adjusting to parenthood. I also got some professional things that are coming up and are exciting. There is also stuff to talk about related to baby blues and money and holiday stress. I just hope and keep up with myself and with this blog.

Yet, again, wish me luck on this 2nd attempt at NaBloPoMo!

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