So, I've been in the snot business lately. My sinuses have been kicking my butt my nose and head this past week, and it really sucks! One minute I can kind of breathe but there is a lot mucus flowing, and the next minute I am completely stopped up. And then I am hacking and sneezing, and then I feel like I am dying from a terrible sinus headache. I hate to, I don't...but I am a baby when it comes to this kind of stuff. I caved in yesterday and got some meds (off the approved list from my OB) to address the sinus congestion, and I also got a netipot. Have you ever used a netipot before? It's really awkard but long as you get your head and nose tilted the right way. It helps flush out that yucky stuff located in the nose area. Anywho...just a little update on my state of being this week!

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