Diaper Cakes

Have you ever made a diaper cake? No, not a cake with batter and frosting, but one made of actual diapers. I've tried my hand at making a few, and today, I had the privilege of sharing the joy of making one with my dear friend, Natty B, who is planning a baby shower for a friend. Natty B called me a few weeks ago wanting to know the "recipe" for my diaper cake. We made plans to get together to whip it up. She picked out all of the "ingredients" for the cake, and we then go to work on the cake making process.

Natty puts the final touches on the Diaper Cake

The Finished Product from today's "baking"

More Stinky-Made Diaper Cakes: 

This Diaper Cake was made in honor of the Beebster (who still has not arrived!). My BroWife thought I had purchased it which made me smile with joy that she thought my handy work looked professional enough to be purchased. 

The Original Diaper Cake made for Natty B. This was my first effort at delving in the diaper cake business.


  1. Hmmm Diaper Cake....

  2. yeeeeesssss! yummmmy! dianper cake!

  3. Great photos! The cake looks so good. I almost want to keep it to display in my house forever. Okay, just kidding. Natty B.


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