Dimbles and Marbles

I decided to take out my good camera yesterday and try to snap some shots of the dogs. I am still learning how to work my camera, and I thought to myself, "Practice make perfect." I am never going to learn how to work the thing if I don't get out there and just start fiddling with it. Plus, what better models to use than my own two dogs...Marlee and Dimby.

Dimby sits in the yard surveying his kingdom. He loves to sit in the small patch of shade of the tree in the late afternoon.

Dimbles doesn't realize I have the camera, so he comes lumbering towards me. Once he realized I had a device that makes strange noises and flashes, he sought the protection of Naeners.

I got this final shot of Dimby after I sweet-talked him into walking towards me. He's such a pleaser, even when he is scared of what I am doing.

Marlee knew I was pulling out the camera before I did. She ran off to hide one of her favorite hiding spots (between the window and couch). I snuck in after my shoot with Dimby to catch a candid. I didn't have the focus settings quite right (as you can see).

Okay...got the focus right. Marbles is clearly not pleased with me. Her ears are back, and she seems quite unnerved that I found her safety spot in the house. Damn it!

I begged and pleaded with Marlee to face me, but she just gave me the cold shoulder. She then ran off to her other safety retreat under our bed. Marlee is not eager to please; she's only eager to please herself and keep safe at all times.


  1. Mar Mar needs an anti-anxiety medication.


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