A Good Read

I just finished reading the book, Marley & Me, by John Grogan. I've had the book long before it was made into a movie but just now got around to reading it. It was a great book. I would recommend it to anyone who has or has had dogs. There are so many things that are relatable to dog owners. It made me laugh; it made me cry; it gave me a new appreciation for my own two mutts.

I do have to share this one paragraph from the book that made me laugh uncontrollably. For anyone who has experienced a dog fart, then this part will make you laugh, too. Part of the paragraph reminded me of my own dog Marlee and another part reminded me of Dimby.

"His digestion was not what it once had been, and he became as gassy as a methane plant. There were days I swore that if I lit a match, the whole house would go up. Marley was able to clear an entire room with his silent, deadly flatulence, which seemed to increase in direct correlation to the number of dinner guests we had in our home. 'Marley! Not again!' the children would scream in unison, and lead the retreat. Sometimes he drove even himself away. He would be sleeping peacefully when the smell would reach his nostrils; his eyes would pop open and he'd furl his brow as if asking, 'Good God! Who dealt it?' And he would stand up and nonchalantly move into the next room."

If you're not laughing or can't relate, I am sorry I put you through this paragraph! I am giggling right now thinking about it!

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