This getting older thing is weird to weird. I find it strange how our perspectives change and how things I used to do when I was "cool" (which I never really was...but that's a story for another time) I could give two shits about now. I've learned that in my "old" age, bedtime is important. And even more important is that I have a consistent bedtime. I have had two experiences recently concerning my bedtime that have driven home this point (but I'll only go into one). 

This past weekend I was out with a girlfriend (EK) for dinner. After dinner was over, she suggested that we go see one of her friends play in a band at a local bar downtown. Sounded good to me. She called her significant other (s.o.), and I called mine about this plan. It was a go. So she and her s.o. headed on down, and I went home to pick-up Nae-Nae so we could meet them there. By the time I got home to get him, it was 10pm before we were on the road to the bar. I started getting a little anxious. I haven't left the house to go out for a night on the town as late as 10pm in a long, long time. Hell, we're usually winding down and getting ready to come home around that time (does that make us losers or just old or some combination of both?). But we were both like, "Hey, we need to get out of our comfort zone. Try something new to change up things." (Variety is the spice of life, ya know). So off we the 10pm. 

We got into the bar around 10:30pm. Settled in for some good beer, good music, and good friends. It was a very good evening with EK and her s.o. Very relaxing. Very chill. 

We were done with all of the fun at the bar around 1am (there's only so much fun two 30-somethings can handle at one time). So Nae-Nae and I hopped in the car to head home, but he just had to have something to eat. His favorite spot was still open...I Love NY Pizza. We ordered the pizza and onward we went towards home around 2am. We ate the pizza...YUMMY! It was 3am when we finally crawled into bed. Anxiety kicked in again. Eeeeekkkk! What am I doing up this late? The good news was that we didn't have to get up early the next morning (we're not church-goers), so sleeping in was a definite. 

Anywho, long story short (too late for that, right?), that late night kicked my ass all day on Sunday. I wasn't hung-over (we really didn't drink all that much), so no excuse there. I was just plain tired because I stayed up past my bedtime. I like to be in bed somewhere between 10pm and 12am on a daily basis. On a special occasion, I may make it to 12:30 or 1am. I could not function properly on Sunday, and every movement I made was slow and draggy. Nae-Nae and I thought we were being "cool" by hitting the late night scene at the bar, but really we just realized that we're old and don't really give a shit about staying out late. We'd much rather have our beauty sleep so we can function the next day (beer or no beer involved). 


  1. Now that there is Nae-Nae, there doesn't need to be anything's really that simple. Uncle Bob

  2. Ah, so I guess meeting at Oliver Twist for Girly Martinis at 1am is out of the plan? :) Sharon J

  3. i coulsn't agree more.
    By 10:00 I like to be crawling in bed and I liek to be asleep by 11:00.
    Boring, party of me! But I am quite happy with that.

  4. im glad im not the only one who beleives this.....


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