One-hundred thousand!!! Woot!

No, that is not my income...I can reassure you of that! I can also reassure you that my income is not even close to that amount! Come on, now, I'm a social worker! Let's be realistic here.

But...that number does represent a big milestone for my Think Tank (aka 2001 Honda Civic). My lovely hooptie reached it 100,000th mile this morning on my way to work! I was watching the meter closely...I wanted to make sure that I celebrated that moment with my car. At exit 289 on I-40 west bound, the digital meter rolled over to 100,000 miles. I yelled out a big "wooohoooo" and threw my hands in the air and kicked my feet up (well, as much as I could going 75mph in morning traffic). It was great moment for me and the Think Tank. We've been together since the car had only 5 miles on it! Yay! Think Tank!


  1. go think tank!
    oh the memories of when she first came home.

  2. Congrats!! Just wait til 200K! SharonJ


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