The Beebster

It's amazing how you can love someone so much before you've even met them! That is how I feel right now. That is how I feel about "the beebster."

NO! NO! NO! I know what some of you are thinking already...Stinky and Nae-Nae are pregnant and with child. We are not with child. We are not pregnant. Let me repeat myself. We are not with child. We are not pregnant! (Hell, I am drinking a Magic Hat as I write this post!)

My brother and his wife (now dubbed Bro and BroWife) are with child! They are due 9/10/09, and our family cannot wait until this child enters the world. It is loved so much. 

I found out I was going to be an aunt in February of this year during a celebration for my mother's birthday. Bro and BroWife made a homemade birthday card for my mother. As she flipped the pages of the card, I was looking over her shoulder. I was being the usual curious Stink. Scratch that...I was being the usual NOSEY Stinky. Anyhow, she flipped, flipped, and BAM...there was a picture of a sonogram. We both gasped with excitement. I don't think either of us saw it coming. Total surprise. Then the news was given to my dad. Ever since we have learned of this news, we have all been in love with this baby.  There is something so special about adding a member to your family. It is so exciting to see the family move forward.

I have dubbed myself Auntie Jo-Jo, and of course, the hubby will be Uncle Nae-Nae. My parents haven't picked out their grandparent names yet. I think my dad should be called "Pappy." From here on out on this blog, I am going to call him Pappy. He is a Pappy. Not sure what mom should be called...she's particular about her granny name. I am going to call her "Mammie." Mammie and Pappy! I like it!

Now for the child. It has been dubbed "the beebster" by Bro and BroWife. It just happened that way...they are cute like that. The whole family now refers to the child as Beebster.  Well, acutally, Mammie was calling it "Peepster" until I corrected her. 

So, Beebster, we can't wait to meet you! You are so loved, and I can't wait to be your Auntie Jo-Jo!


  1. Mamaw and Papaw are good names too!

  2. do you have a bun on the oven? =)

  3. I'm Poppy, and Bebe is Mom-Mom for our grandchild Sterling! Uncle Bob

  4. Pappie and BroWofe have just read this post together! I am glad you are so excited about meeting the Beebster. It feels like he was awake and moving around for the conversation..I guess he must be excited about all the people who love him.


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