So, I totally stole this idea from How Could You Not? I am not original in any sort of way...but that's okay. I don't mind using ideas from other people. Isn't that what the blogging and the internet is all about...sharing information and ideas for others to use. But, anyhow!

Therefore, to celebrate 250 posts to my blog, I thought I would share 250 random facts about me. I know, it's totally vain, but I've discussed my vainness (is that even a word) on here before. Read only if you wish to really know random things and if you are okay with learning t.m.i. about me!

Woot! 250!
  1. I am 32 years old and celebrate my birthday every October 17th!
  2. I am married to a wonderful man, and we've been married for 3 years.
  3. I am a MOM! I have a son that was born in September of this year.
  4. I have two really cool dogs...Dimby and Marlee. I feel bad because they've kind of been ignored since the Mini-Stink arrived.
  5. I am a social worker with Child Protective Services.
  6. But I just got a new job as a school social worker starting in January 2011.
  7. My all-time favorite food is potatoes...fixed any ol' way...and I could eat them every day.
  8. My fingers are long and skinny.
  9. I can't stand fingernails on me. As soon as they start getting a little bit long, I have to trim them short.
  10. My eyebrows are too far apart...due to waxing. They won't grow in, so I have to accept them the way they are now. 
  11. I must wear my socks tight. I can't stand loose fitting socks. And they must be pulled up to their fullest potential.
  12. Even though my socks must be tight, I can't stand tight-fitting clothing. I like it a little loose.
  13. I love bacon. Bacon makes everything taste better.
  14. I like to vacuum. I love seeing the lines in the carpet and hearing the sound of the dirt being swished away.
  15. I always order the same sandwich from Subway - 6in wheat, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, spicy mustard, oil and vinegar, and the spices. Yummy!
  16. I should've had a career in party planning. I like to plan's fun.
  17. I hate all seafood. And, yes, that includes shrimp.
  18. I like to drink good beer! Don't give me any of that crap beer.
  19. I was a cheerleader in middle school and some of high school.
  20. I played basketball through middle school but was too chicken to try out for the team in high school.
  21. I ran cross country in high school.
  22. I also ran on the track team. I was usually middle of the pack.
  23. I quit ballet when I was 4-years-old because I missed my Saturday morning cartoons.
  24. I eat my steak medium rare.
  25. I clogged as a child. It was the cool thing to do where we lived.
  26. I can be really sweet and thoughtful.
  27. And I can be selfish and callous at times.
  28. I cry...a lot.
  29. I've taken anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills. I may do so again if I need them.
  30. I have been clinically depressed.
  31. I believe in going to therapy! It's helped me through some tough times in my life.
  32. I am an open-book with my life (for the most part). If you ask me a question about something, I will pretty much tell you like it is from my own experience (no sugar-coatin' the truth).
  33. Being an open book often leads me to giving out T.M.I (I often make my hubby cringe with some of the things I share).
  34. I love cheeky pop music! I can't help it!
  35. I can't read lips. Just speak up and tell me what you're trying to say.
  36. I can't hear very well either. At least that is what my hubby tells me. I think it's true. 
  37. I prefer granny panties. They're just comfortable.
  38. I am still wearing the "larger" undies I purchased during pregnancy. They actually fit pretty well.
  39. I keep my toenails painted in the summer and naked in the winter.
  40. I don't wear lipstick. I wear lip gloss occasionally.
  41. I like to pop zits. Gross, I know, but there just some thrill with popping them.
  42. I was the prom queen in high school. 
  43. I broke my arm in 7th grade by falling off a football goal. I climbed it to impress a boy. I don't think he was too impressed, though. 
  44. I stole french fries from the school cafeteria in 8th grade. I got caught, and it was sooo embarrassing.
  45. I think farting is funny. Really, really funny.
  46. I laugh uncontrollably to the point of tears when my hubby hurts himself. I don't know what's wrong with me.
  47. I vomited all over myself in my car one time as I was driving it. I had a migraine headache. 
  48. I love the smell of coffee but don't drink it...I can't stand the taste.
  49. I am sweet tea-aholic.
  50. I make the best sweet tea (in my humble opinion)!
  51. I won't kill insects or spiders (I reserve that job for the hubby)!
  52. I don't pop and squat in public's too hard. I lay down a protective layer of tissue paper and sit. Ewww!
  53. I got my undergrad degree from Meredith College.
  54. I majored in psychology.
  55. I studied abroad for one semester over in England.
  56. I got to also visit Spain, France, Italy, and Scotland.
  57. I have a Masters in Social Work.
  58. I got my MSW from UNC Chapel Hill.
  59. My first job was at Kay-Bee Toys when I was 16 years old.
  60. I use humor to cope.
  61. I am morbid.
  62. I talk to my mother on the phone most everyday...and sometimes multiple times in a day.
  63. I am cheap. I very rarely will buy something that is full price.
  64. I am not religious.
  65. But I consider myself to be spiritual.
  66. I've never felt like I really fit in anywhere.
  67. I am socially awkward a lot of the times.
  68. I talk too much when I get nervous or anxious.
  69. I am a light sleeper.
  70. I can't fall asleep until after my hubby is already asleep.
  71. I have to have something to drink with me at all times. I get nervous if I don't.
  72. I still have and wear a pair of birkenstocks that I got when I was a senior in high school. They are in really good shape.
  73. I try to see both sides of a situation.
  74. I think my sign (Libra) is pretty accurate description of me.
  75. I don't have a hobby or anything that I am really, really into which bothers me a lot.
  76. I get obsessional about a new activity or hobby-like thing and then forget about it. 
  77. I took shag lessons.
  78. I hate talking on the phone except with a few people.
  79. The only kind of barbeque I like is NC BBQ.
  80. My favorite time of year is the spring and fall.
  81. I drove a crusty burnt-orange 1986 Mustang when I was in high school.
  82. I love to have my back tickled.
  83. I love to have my hair played with.
  84. As a child, I went to the NC State Fair each year to celebrate my birthday.
  85. I have an older brother.
  86. When I buy an item off the shelf, I don't take the first one. I pull one from the back (the only exception to this rule is grocery items). It always seems like the first one on the shelf might be tainted.
  87. When I put stuff away, such as towels, I do so in a rotation, putting the cleanest ones at the bottom of the stack. This is to allow everything to be used evenly.
  88. I don't sweat all that much.
  89. My hair is really, really straight. It won't hold all.
  90. I've always wanted curly hair.
  91. I got a perm when I was in 6th grade and my hair looked like Whitney Houston's in The Body Guard.
  92. I don't like being the center of attention. 
  93. I feel awkward when there are celebrations in my honor (such as birthday, wedding, baby). 
  94. I have no self control around food that just sits out (like at parties).
  95. I love chips and dip.
  96. I like to clip my toenails.
  97. I was on a jump rope team in 5th grade.
  98. I played softball as a 4th grader and hated every minute of it.
  99. I really don't watch movies. They are too long. Give me something to watch that's an hour or less.
  100. I haven't watched or read any of the Harry Potter series.
  101. I love to take naps.
  102. I had stitches in my pinky toe.
  103. I am practical.
  104. I try to streamline things to make them as easy as possible.
  105. I am very, very organized...especially with my work.
  106. I am not as assertive as I should be.
  107. I am not confrontational.
  108. I got into a girl fight one time when I was in 5th grade. 
  109. I used to have a nose ring. 
  110. I used to have a belly button piercing.
  111. I don't have any tatttoos nor will I ever.
  112. I am a plain Jane when it comes to fashion.
  113. I travelled across the country for 2.5 weeks with my brother in 2005.
  114. I love cheese grits.
  115. I was born and bred in NC.
  116. I will never live further north than VA.
  117. I am indecisive.
  118. I tend to repeat myself.
  119. I repeat myself.
  120. I love old people.
  121. I like a basic chocolate chip cookie.
  122. McDonald's fries are by far my favorite.
  123. I can't carry a tune. I've been told all my life that I couldn't sing. It really is true.
  124. I can't play an instrument.
  125. I love hot showers.
  126. I don't like to go barefooted...even as I child I preferred to wear shoes.
  127. I can't stand to have dirty feet.
  128. I've taken a ride in a police car.
  129. I've been in jail multiple times (bet you're guessing why).
  130. I didn't really like ice cream all that much until I met my hubby (who loves it).
  131. I love Reese's peanut butter cups.
  132. I like doing puzzles such as sudoku and crosswords.
  133. I don't try to be someone I am not.
  134. I don't believe in "keeping up with the Joneses."
  135. I knew almost immediately that I was pregnant. I just had that "feeling."
  136. I knew almost immediately that Nae-Nae was the one for me.
  137. I get really gassy when I am nervous.
  138. Sometimes I say and do things just to be annoying.
  139. I laugh hysterically at my own jokes.
  140. I really don't know how to tell a joke. I am a terrible joke teller.
  141. I've never liked the shape of my stomach. It's always had a little pooch.
  142. I hate wearing panty hose.
  143. I don't wear dresses in the winter.
  144. I would wear jeans every day if I could.
  145. I went to an N'Sync concert and loved every minute of it.
  146. I love to watch the Golden Girls. I used to watch it every night at bedtime.
  147. I put onions in most things I cook.
  148. I reek of garlic if I eat it. I seeps through my pores.
  149. I love to sit outside and soak up the sunshine.
  150. I hate being really white. I prefer to be tan.
  151. I love to wear sun dresses. I should buy more.
  152. My favorite lunch meat is ham.
  153. I don't like red wine.
  154. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
  155. I can be very introspective.
  156. I am both extroverted and introverted. 
  157. I don't have a big a circle of friends, but the friends I do have are the best.
  158. I am really nosy.
  159. If I come to your house, I will look at every last picture you have hanging on the wall or on display.
  160. I've always kept a journal of some sort.
  161. I write letters to my son for  him to read one day.
  162. I keep all cards given to me. I have boxes of them. I just can't think of throwing them away knowing someone took the time and effort to pick out the card and give it to me.
  163. I shoot pool left handed. 
  164. I am right handed.
  165. I have this weird ability to remember birthdays and really random numbers.
  166. I am allergic to codeine.
  167. I enjoyed being pregnant.
  168. I have worked at a domestic violence shelter.
  169. I used to take applications for food stamps.
  170. I went to college to be a teacher but found out that I wasn't teacher material.
  171. I don't read nearly enough.
  172. I love to look at trashy celebrity tabloids.
  173. The best time of my life was on my honeymoon in Jamaica with my hubby.
  174. I don't gamble.
  175. I like dogs more than cats.
  176. I cried uncontrollably when I had to have the hamster put down.
  177. I've never had a black eye. And I don't want to either.
  178. I am not a morning person.
  179. And I am no longer a night owl.
  180. I think I am a good listener.
  181. I am sympathetic to others.
  182. I am empathic. 
  183. I am a complainer.
  184. I never have good comebacks until after the fact.
  185. I love blankets. I am always covered up by one...even on the hottest days of summer.
  186. I got my first cavity at age 32. I still need to have it filled.
  187. I am a thinker. I think about things too much.
  188. I need to be a doer. I can think it but don't know always know how to put my thoughts into action.
  189. My feet are not ticklish...never have been.
  190. I can't stand it when my hubby touches me with his feet. It drives me up the wall.
  191. I like gross things.
  192. I am vulgar at times.
  193. I enjoying blogging.
  194. My favorite color depends on my mood at the time.
  195. I wear a lot of black and goes with every thing.
  196. I like to watch Dancing with the Stars because of the costumes.
  197. America's Funniest Videos is one of my all time favorite shows.
  198. I "go with the flow" most of the time.
  199. The older I get, the less I care about what other people think about me.
  200. I don't have an all-time favorite band or music group. 
  201. I don't really like watching sports. 
  202. I didn't enjoy high school all that much. I hated having that awkward feeling all of the time.
  203. When I was really little I wanted to grow up and work at McDonald's.
  204. And then I wanted to be a heart surgeon.
  205. I've become a little more pessimistic with my age, but I try to be hopeful and optimistic about life.
  206. It drives me crazy when people don't use their turn signal.
  207. I like lots of ice in my drinks.
  208. I have a scar under my nose from where a childhood friend did a cartwheel and her long toenail sliced my nose. Ewww! Gross!
  209. I don't like jelly beans or any gummy type of candy.
  210. I don't like hard candy either.
  211. I've made a music playlist that I want played at my funeral.
  212. I make sure that my hubby and say something good to each other when parting ways just in case those are the last words spoken to one another (we don't go out mad at each other).
  213. I do my best to remember that I have lots to be thankful for each day, especially on those days I am having a pity party.
  214. I worked at the Outback right after I graduated from grad school.
  215. I would go back to the Outback if I needed to do so for the money. I will do whatever is necessary to keep our family financially stable.
  216. I don't tell my clients to do something I wouldn't do myself if I were in the same situation.
  217. I wear socks around my house. I like having socks on my feet.
  218. I like having yard sales because I like to bargain with the people.
  219. I like going on job interviews (especially if I get the job offer).
  220. I am a planner. I like to know what's going to be  happening.
  221. I wish I was more spontaneous with my activities.
  222. I can be really lazy.
  223. I am a "do it as I go" kind of person. For example, I clean the kitchen as I cook so there is not a big mess at the end.
  224. I can't stand clutter. It drives me up the wall. We have a lot of clutter in our house.
  225. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was in 1st grade.
  226. I always made good grades in school. Most of the time I didn't have to try too hard to make them.
  227. College was easy for the most part.
  228. My hubby proposed to me at Meredith College campus.
  229. I did not enjoy the wedding planning process. I am glad I never have to do that again.
  230. I am not sure my wedding gown was "the one," but I liked it.
  231. I love my wedding rings.
  232. I get overwhelmed in stores like Best Buy where there is a lot of different kinds of noises.
  233. I don't like to shop in stores like TJ Maxx because it's too much work to dig through all of the clothes to find something I like.
  234. I still shop in juniors' departments.
  235. I've danced on top of a bar before.
  236. I drove a truck when I was in college.
  237. I don't like dressing up for Halloween or wearing any type of costume in general.
  238. I love going to weddings.
  239. I hate playing shower games.
  240. I have long eyelashes.
  241. I love to get flowers (and Nae-Nae gets them for me often).
  242. I am squirmy when I lay down to relax.
  243. I love it when my son falls asleep on my chest.
  244. I try to be a good and honest person.
  245. I am faithful.
  246. I get over things pretty easily.
  247. I got my wisdom teeth out at age 30.
  248. I like my hot dogs "all the way."
  249. I am happy...most of the time.
  250. Everyday I hope that I do right by my family.

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