Ain't Got Nothin'

I seriously ain't got nothin' to talk about today (just giving you a dose of my Southern accent). Seriously, my mind is totally blank which is really weird because I always have something to talk ramble about on here.

Sooo...I guess I will talk about the fact the my hubby is in charge of the kiddo all day long today. He does a great job caring for our son, but we're usually together or he has him for about 2 hour time frame on his own. He's never gone a straight 8-9  hours in charge of the little fella.

We both said we were a little nervous about how the day would go. I told him that it will be weird because I will be away from the mini-stink all day and won't be able to log on and watch him on video. It's probably better that way, anyways.

I am happy for the fact that they are getting to spend the day together and have father-son bonding time. I can't wait to get home and hear about all of their adventures from today.

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