Picking Up Sticks

So today is my official due date. Yay me and baby and hubby for making it this far! To celebrate making it to our due date, I had a very nice pedicure, and Naeners and I are going out to eat Mexican tonight. 

I didn't really expect my baby to arrive on its projected due date, but I did expect there to be some news or action to report after my OB appointment today. (Darn it! There I go again with those expectations.) Well, there is nothing to report. There has been no change to those internal parts that indicate the baby is on that slippery slope on its way out. And the same is true for those outwardly indicators of labor. Oy! I just keep getting told that the baby seems really, really happy. I, mean, I am glad my baby is happy in there and all, but I am ready to meet this kid already. Patience, sweet patience! This baby can't stay in there forever...right? I feel like we're playing a game of chicken or having a staring contest, and the kiddo is clearly winning at this point!

The good news is that we have been successful at keeping ourselves busy with seeing friends and family and doing household things. We're trying to keep things as normal as possible around here...whatever normal is these days because, to me, there is nothing normal about hanging out with a huge belly and waiting to bring a human into this world.

Nae-nae did have a few bright ideas to get this labor thing going. He had me out in the yard picking up sticks yesterday. Now, before some of you get  your panties in a bunch, I was not forced to do yard work by my hubby. I thought it was a pretty clever idea. He thought the walking and squatting would get things moving in the right direction. It definitely kept me occupied. And maybe my yard work didn't pan out yesterday for bringing on this labor, but at least there are no sticks in the yard. Maybe we'll get a gust of wind tonight, and I can pick-up some more sticks tomorrow. 

So with that, we have been getting lots of advice on how to get this labor going. We've been told to eat spicy food, eat garlic, walk, stimulate the nips, eat a pineapple core, smell peppermint, massage the ol' cankles, and get a massage to work the pressure points. I think all of the above are worth a try. We're going to work on the "spicy" tonight. 

Does anyone else have any ideas how I can tempt this baby to come to the other side?

40 weeks
(Hey, Baby! Come on out! 
I know you're comfortable and everything in there, but it really isn't so bad out here either.)


  1. I don't know much about these kinds of things... but attending an exciting sporting event worked for my parents with me. Just as they were getting settled in their seats - surprise!

  2. I've heard curb walking suggested. Walking with one foot on the sidewalk and one on the street.

    Nothing worked for me, I was induced at 41 weeks with both of my babies. I would wake up every morning past my due date sad that I hadn't gone into labor yet.


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