A Nesting Man?

You hear about moms-to-be nesting all of the time. There has been research done on the topic and even links have been made to the cave days of how a woman prepares her "nest" to make it safe for the baby. And I've been nesting since February...driving myself and Naeners crazy with all the things that "have" to get done before this baby arrives (as if the baby will know the difference).

But I am wondering...

Do men nest when they have a baby on the way? Has there been any research on this topic? And if men do nest, what does "nesting" look like for men who are soon-to-be-daddies? Just curious.

If men do nest, then here is my hubby's idea of nesting. He's been a busy bee finishing up projects around the house. (This list does not include all of the projects my hubby completed this summer while he was out on summer break. It only includes the projects that have taken place in the immediate time frame.)

Nae-Nae built a compost bin this past weekend. He said that he needed to get it done and set-up. As he has went with me so many times to pick up things to get ready for the little one, I went with him to get all of the necessary parts to build the bin. He had his checklist of items needed to get the project completed, and we methodically went through the list and the store to make sure he had everything. He had the bin completed a few hours after we got home.

Homemade Compost Bin
(lovingly assembled by my hubby)

He also built a rain barrel recently. He didn't build the barrel in and of itself, but he got all of the parts and made the necessary adaptations to make it a rain barrel. It's all set up and ready to go now. All we need is a little rain to get this baby working. 

Homemade Rain Barrel
(lovingly assembled by my hubby)

I wonder what the baby will think of these projects? 

I am only joking here because I know that Naeners is reading this post. We've wanted a rain barrel and compost bin for a long, long time. We are trying to be "green" as much as we can be to suit our lifestyle. We want to teach our child (or children...some day) how important it is to take care of the environment, and that there are many small changes that can be made in our daily routine that can have a profound and good effect on the environment. 

I think our child is lucky to have a father who is (1) handy, (2) creative, and (3) cares enough about this earth to implement changes around our home to benefit this planet our child will be inheriting. 

I also want to thank my hubby for all of the hard work he has put into getting our house ready, in general, for this baby. He did all of the work in the nursery from painting, to putting together furniture, to sanding, painting and finishing dressers, etc. While I was the director (of sorts), he was the man who made things happen. He handled my stress about nesting and getting things ready with such elegance and never made me feel crazy or absurd. He took all of my demands in stride and really came through for me. And for that I love him even more.

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