Dog Days

I was outside taking pictures of some things around the yard and thought I would also snap a few shots of Dimby and much as they would allow for me to do so. 

Dimby Smiles
He is so happy when we get home from work. I can tell he is in total bliss...his human is home, he's outside, the weather is great, and he's peed all over the yard already.

Marlee Hides
This picture may look like Marlee is just relaxing in the shade, but she is really trying to hide from me and the camera. This spot is the best one she could come up with. Maybe she thought she would blend in well with the dying tree behind her. I took a quick snapshot before she ran off to find another safe haven. 

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  1. Lol! Great hiding spot Marlee! I am happy to have come across your blog during NaNoBloMo - and you have some fantastic pictures! I am glad that your 'mini-stink' is feeling better and wasn't seriously sick. Our neighbors' granddaughter has Pluracy (sp?) and it is so heartbreaking to hear the little thing cough.. Anyway, good luck this month and I hope all remains well!


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