Flashback Friday

Because this week is the big kick-off (no pun intended) to NFL season, it made me think of the NFL game I went to with my hubby a few years back where we saw the Redskins v. Cowboys at FedEx. It was truly an amazing experience for me because I had never been to a NFL game. The fans, the excitement, the shit-talking...all were awesome. And the good news is that the Redskins won this game. However, if my memory is correct, I think one of the key players was out for the Cowboys that particular game, but we won't go there. A win is a win!

The only downside to this game was that it was on 12/30/07 in the evening, it was freezing cold (maybe in the 20 degree range), and it was raining. Ugh! I never want to go to a game that time of year...ever again...NEVER!

Naeners is a HUGE Redskins fan. I've never really been into football, and I surely didn't give two flips about NFL teams before I met him. But I have married into the Redskins family, and my role as a dutiful wife (Ha! That statement makes me laugh) is to support him and his team! So I am now a Redskins fan by default. It's not so bad. I've learned a lot about football through the years with him, and I feel that I do have some understanding of the players...at least on the Redskins team.

The Redskins make their entrance onto the FedEx field

Nae-Nae and Me
(before we became miserable by the coldness that was)

Me and FedEx

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