And the Pendulum Swings

So yesterday I wrote about dealing with life stressors and feeling bogged down. And today I am focused on feeling relaxed and taking care of myself. The post from yesterday was my feelings about the culmination of a series of events that took place throughout the summer that left me feeling totally out of sorts. However, I am getting into a different frame of mind, and part of the shift has been the transition of letting go and making the time and effort to relax. Everyone has to take time for herself. If I don't make it a one else will do it for me.

This past Friday, Naeners and I went to hear a band, Chatham County Line, play at the Fletcher Opera House. It was one of the best shows I have been to in a long time for several reasons (in no particular order): it was indoors; we remained seated (to give my tired cankles a rest) ; we had front row seats; we were there with good friends; the music was awesome; the between song commentary was funny; the venue is small and intimate.

Before the show, we actually grabbed something to eat downtown. It was the first time in a long time that I had been able to eat a full philly cheesesteak and all of my fries. I cleaned my plate. We realized that I was able to do this because it seems the baby may have dropped and took some pressure off of my stomach.

Self-Photography before CCL comes on to play

The next evening, we made our way to another show. We saw Jack Johnson at Walnut Creek. Again, another great show with good frends. The weather cooled off just in time to make being outside bearable. We also grabbed some yummy Chick-Fil-A to munch on before the show. Who doesn't love some nuggets, good friends, and good music?

Sittin' Back and Relaxin' during Jack Johnson

Good Lord...Did I smuggle in a basketball to the show?

And finally, we are in the home stretch of this pregnancy. We are growing more excited and anxious everyday getting ready for labor and delivery and to meet our child. I have been taking hot baths when I get home and then crashing on the's pure bliss!!!

36 Weeks

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