Flashback Friday

July 2007 - Honeymoon in Jamaica

I know it is vain to post a bikini picture of myself (but, hey, a blog devoted to myself is pretty vain, so whatever at this point). I can't help but reminisce about my just-got-married-body, especially after getting weighed at my OB appt. today. It's true what "they" say, I guess, about a woman truly looking her best on her wedding day...I was never in better shape than I was in July 2007. As of today, I weight 37lbs more than I did in the picture. Yes, I know I am carrying a baby. And, yes, I know, I am supposed to be gaining weight. But, today, I do miss my tan, more sleek body. But, I am excited about the changes my body is going through because I know at the end of this transformation I am going to have a child that I already love more than he/she knows!

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