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We have been busy doing things around the house...mostly little stuff...but important nonetheless.

I must say that my contribution of physically doing the stuff has been minimal. I've taken on more of the director role at this point. I am not sure that Naeners enjoys my new (but temporary) position as director or his position as manual laborer, but that is kind of how things have to go these days. I do prefer, in all honesty, to be able to jump in and do the stuff myself, but I am supposed to be taking care of myself physically. But, all in all, we're making things work between us so that things around the house get done.

Project: Pelmet Boxes
I've never been one that was very good with picking out window treatments. Although I think window treatments do make a room look complete, I've just never been good at picking them out for my own house. Nae-nae used to jokingly call me a "bad nester" because I never hung-up curtains. We'd go visit our friends, and he'd point out, "See, they have curtains in their home." Ok. Point taken. We've lived in this house since 2003. and I am just now getting around to putting up window treatments.

I am not a designer. I do not have an "eye" for these things. And I am indecisive. Window decor always seems to fall on the bottom of the list of things to be done around the  house. Until I got pregnant...and I officially started nesting.

Luckily, I came across a window treatment idea on Boots & Totty, and I thought to myself, "Now this is a window treatment that I could actually do. Really!" Totty included more information about how to make pelmet boxes for windows from The Little Green Notebook. I took notes and I was on my way to finally getting some window treatments completed for our home! Woot!

Now mind you, mine are in no way as fancy as the ones in the above mentioned blogs...I was doing good just to even attempt this project, therefore, I left out any "fancy designs" that would complicate the process for me. Quick and easy is what I am about when it comes to these sort of things.

Pelmet box in for our dining room window

This treatment is over 6 ft long, and I had some trials trying to manipulate the fabric and line things up, but I think I did okay for my first attempt at this pelmet box thing. I am just hoping it doesn't fall apart. So far, so good!

Pelmet box for our bedroom.

I actually made 2 boxes since we have 2 windows in our bedroom. As you may have noticed, we don't have a headboard. I don't why we don't, we just don't. So I knew that pelmet boxes were the perfect choice for window treatments in our room because we do not have to worry about curtains hanging behind our bed and us ripping them down in our sleep. (We do usually having bedding on our bed, but I was washing it when this picture was taken...just so  you know.) I think my craftsmanship on the bedroom pelmet boxes was much better than on the dining room pelmet box...but as long as you can't be it!

Project: Nursery Dressers
Naeners has been hard at work on completing the dressers for the nursery. I do feel for him because he has spent much of his time out in the hot, hot heat sanding them down. He's a hard worker and does a thorough job with any job he matter how big or small.

It's kind of cool because the nursery will have 2 from my childhood and one from Naener's childhood. I love the idea of using hand-me-down furniture. Although, I must say there have been times when we thought it would've been worth the money just to go out and buy something new and say "to hell with it" with all the time and energy in making something old new again. However, I do honestly believe that once the dressers are completed, it will be well worth the time, effort, energy and sweat (literally) put into the dressers.

Nae-nae's childhood dresser.
Look at the years of paint just come right off!

Nae-nae paints our dresser drawers for the nursery.

Project: Between a Deck and A Wall
It's kind of like "between a rock and a hard place." We have this terrible area between our deck and the house where the AC unit is located along with the outdoor water spigot. It was totally overgrown with weeds, and it looked a hot mess. It was awful to go back and turn on the hose because it was so muddy and infested with weeds and mosquitos. 

Naeners got a wild hair up his butt and decided to make this crazy space a little more friendly. I must say that I'm glad that he did. It sure does make turning on the hose to water the plants a lot more pleasant...and less dirty and less chance of getting eaten up by bugs!

The Before:

The After:

Nae-nae did a mighty fine job if I do say so myself. Again, I can take no credit for this job as all the labor was him. I did go with him to Lowe's to purchase the materials, but that is about it.

Upcoming Projects
We're pretty excited because we've got some more things going on around the house. My parents are coming to town this holiday weekend, so they can help us around the house and yard. Nae-nae really needs some strength and help out in the yard...especially when it comes to taking control of the weeds that have taken over our yard...and that is where my dad will help out. My mom and I will do little things inside the make a bedskirt, hang curtains and blinds, wash baby clothes, etc. 

Nae-nae and I also got to work on the sun room (aka junk room, aka storage area, aka catch-all room). We're trying to clear out things and make better use of the room for storage purposes. We made a little progress tonight and have plans to get more done to it over the next few days.

So that is all least for now!

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