Oh, Turkey!

This year Nae-Nae and I spent time in Roanoke, VA, with his parents. It was a quiet and relaxing visit.
We got to hang-out, chit-chat, and go shopping on Black Friday. Even though there was only 4 of us, we got to enjoy a big turkey.

Nae-Nae and MomLaw prepped the turkey for frying.

Dimby checks out the goods before it's put in the fryer.

Naenaers drops the turkey in and DadLaw supervises.

Like father, like son.

The finished product. And as DadLaw said when he saw it, "That's a mighty brown turkey."

MomLaw and I giggled at the blackened turkey. Despite the outward appearance, Naeners did an excellent job and it was a yummy tasting turkey.

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