The Year of Stinky-Stank!'s my birthday today! No longer am I just 30, but I am now officially 30-something! Wow! Time does fly. I actually didn't mind turning 30 last year, but 31 sounds sooooo old. Oh, well! Here's to life anyways!

Just a few updates for today. I don't want to spend too much time on my b-day blogging because I need to be out there enjoying it!

1.) I will posting some pictures soon of my Grandma's birthday celebration (waiting on some pics) and my birthday celebration.

2.) Today is the kick-off for the Year of Stink-Stank! I've been doing some thinking leading up to this birthday, and I have some changes I would like to make in my life. I plan to share my goals for the upcoming year on the blog and keep you posted on my trials and tribulations with meeting those goals and attempting to become my own personal best!

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