Coop-Dog's Big 3-0 Bash!

I am a little delayed in writing this post...but it seems that I am a little delayed in most things these days (except for my mental capacity...I hope!).

Anywho...this past weekend, a big group of people went out to celebrate the BIG 3-O of my bestie, "Coop-Dog." She and I met in college when we were assigned to be each other's roomies. She was the bestest roomie a girl could have and the bestest BFF ever!

So she and two other girls, who also attended college with us, all have their birthdays within a few weeks of one another and all are turning 30 this year. Ahhhh! Such youngins. They planned a festive evening for a large group of people. And I tell you was definitely a celebration!

Stink-Stank and Coop-Dog all dressed up and ready for a night on the town!

The Ride (which turned out be somewhat disasterous at the end of the night when the driver wanted to charge an extra $150. Boo on the suck!
Me and Naeners after dinner. The food was yummy but for some reason they fed everyone else except us. Naeners had put the "nay-no" down on the waitstaff about our food. It finally came. I hope it didn't have any spit or other items mixed in with it!
Feeling cool and breezy after leaving the restaurant!
Us OLD gals know how to break it down on the dance floor! Okay...not really. But we had fun tryin'.
After some eatin', drinkin', and dancin', Naeners gets silly with my sun glasses in the club. Doesn't he know only "cool" people where their sunglasses at night.
And I get snuggly with my bestie's hubby. Okay...not really.
And the spider had his own after party in his most amazing web at our house when got home.

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