Cary Farmer's Market = 2 Thumbs Down

Boo! Boo! Boo! I am so disappointed in the Cary Farmer's Market.

I've never been to the one in Cary prior to today because it has limited operating hours, and Nae-Nae and I always head to the big daddy farmer's market in Raleigh when we want some good, fresh, local fruit, veggies, and plants!

I decided that it was high time for me to try out my local farmer's market. In Cary, it is only open from April - October on Tuesdays (3-6pm) and Saturdays (8am-12noon). I decided that I would start stopping by on the way home on Tuesday evenings to get some good fresh local produce.

This plan was good in theory, but it will not be a practice on Tuesday evenings as I had planned.

I actually almost drove straight passed it. I didn't see any stands or anything that remotely resembled a farmer's market. Had it not been for the tiny sign (kinda like a "for sale" sign but smaller, then I would've missed it). I caught a glimpse of the sign, and skidded into the parking lot. I saw one tent with one farmer and a farmer's wife. What? What? What? Is this it? You've got to be kidding me! I expected at least four tents/booths. Not so much. I did get out to inspect the produce on hand, but it was nothing that I was looking for to feed myself and Naeners!

I should've known something was going to be up when I perused the sub-par website that provided no real details whatsoever of the local market. Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me: .

Anywho, I hopped back into my car, and it was off to the Shitty Kitty I went. My BroWife coined the term "Shitty Kitty" for Food Lion. I can't say that all Food Lions are shitty, but the one near our house is most definitely shitty...probably one of the shittiest grocery stores I've ever been in. But there is also a love Naeners and I share for this particular Shitty Kitty. We've been going to it for the past 5.5 years and there are people who have been working there since we starting shopping there. I do like the idea of getting to know your "local" grocer...such as it may be. The particular Shitty Kitty has a terrible produce department on most days, but I was (thankfully) able to obtain the needed items for the evening/week. Oh, well!

This situation just makes me sad because my Bro and BroWife are nestled in between 2 farmer's markets where they live. And they actually have more than one tent of produce to pick through plus the option of buying boiled peanuts. Sigh! I am envious!


  1. They might be nestled between two farmer's markets, but they are still in Grandy! HAHA

  2. I love the SK nickname! Only the new ones have good produce, and that's usually for a limited time.

  3. guess i should have initialled that.. sj

  4. No boiled peanuts for Nae Nae next time he visits. Only kumquats from the Grandy shitty kitty.

  5. I would like to point out that while we have several wonderful farmers markets we also have a shitter kitty than yours. I have been to both. At our local S.K. the fridge with the cheese has not been cold the entire time we have lived here and the freezer was luke warm for months. I have written the S.K. corp and with no results! The farmers markets are a wonderful relief BUT are closed 5-6 months out of the year. Grandy livin' can be hard!


    PS: I should admit that the coined term Shitty Kitty was actually from a friend of a friend here. I wish it was mine.


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