Viva La Vida and Murder in the City

We did the concert circuit this past weekend and had a blast. Ok....we really only went to two concerts, but nonetheless. We saw Cold Play and The Avett Brothers.

Thursday, 8/6/09 - Cold Play
Naeners and I went all by our little selves to go see Cold Play at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater in Raleigh. I don't think it's called Walnut Creek anymore but the name has changed a zillion times, so that is what I call it. Anywho...I get off topic (quite frequently). I'd never seen Cold Play before in concert. Honestly, I haven't really listened to much of their music except for what I hear on the radio and a few songs I downloaded from Nae-Nae's song library. I must say, though, that I was impressed. They put on a really good show, and I really enjoyed myself. It didn't hurt that I had the best date in the world to go to the show with. The only thing that really sucked was the guy with the fat head standing in front of us. Other that that, we had a really good time.

Stink-stank (me) chilling by the cooler drinking a cold one before the show.

Naeners dips in the cooler, too, before the show. Yea, we rocked the tailgating all by our little selves!

Self-portrait before the show starts. We had pretty good seats!

A blurry picture of Chris Martin and Cold Play! You know what is amazing? I told my grandmother, Merle, who is 83, that we were going to see Cold Play, and she knew who I was talking about. She's a cool granny!

Confettiiiiiii! Yeahhhhh!

Saturday, 8/8/09 - The Avett Brothers 
We took a whirlwind trip down to Charlotte to see The Avett Brothers (TAB) perform at the Bojangles Coliseum. This time, though, we met up with friends, so we didn't have to tailgate all by our little selves. 

Just pulled into the parking lot...see, I am all clean and excited for the tailgating. We did have to tailgate about an hour by ourselves waiting for our friends to show.

3.25 minutes later...I am now hot and bothered. Hanging out in the sun in an open asphalt parking lot is good in theory but not practice.

Self-portrait! I am still grumpin' about the sticky hot weather! It doesn't seem to bother Nae-Nae. He's a trooper!

Our friend's brother does what he can to beat the heat.

KG shows off his skills at Washers. 

Naeners tosses a bean-bag!

Waiting for the show to start with LAG. It's so much better to be in the a.c.

JHx2 meet at us inside the show!

MG enjoys the show!


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  1. a) we are sorry we were late! but i am not unhappy that we missed more time in the sun... leading me to...
    b) yes, it is WAY WAY better in the a.c.! Can't wait to see you guys again soon.


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