Lazy Days of Cary = Priceless?

This Saturday, Nae-Nae and I went to Lazy Days of Cary, a one day arts and crafts festival held in the heart of downtown Cary.

ATM before the festival = $60
Buying a unique gift for a friend = $25
Gyro, Cheese fries, & 2 lemonades = $26
Getting soaking wet in the monsoon while at the festival = a freebie courtesy of nature

Spending Quality Time with Naeners = Priceless!!!!


  1. That is a great picture!

    Bro Wife

  2. haha. lyndela was telling abigail to have a pitiful look on her face so maybe someone stop and give us a ride as she pushed her in the (way over the weight limit) stroller up the hill in the rain. I don't think they'll come along next year. sj


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