Through the Years

So I make us take a family picture on our wedding anniversary. I think it will be fun to look back at how we change from year to year. This is what I have so far of our "family" pictures from 7/14.

Okay, this picture was not taken on our wedding day...I've already shared those. However, this picture was taken after our return from our honeymoon to Jamaica. Look how well-rested, tan, and healthy Nae-Nae and I look.

This picture is from our 1st wedding anniversary. (I know, I's poor photography. It's before I got my good camera, so I had the camera propped up on some books on a table to get this lovely shot. You can see Dimby in the background.) My hair looks the same...Nae has some length to his.

This is our snapshot from this year's anniversary-number 2. (Better camera, better photography). I am definitely rockin' the bangs...Nae's hair is the same as last year. I would also say we're both a wee bit more fleshier than year's past...ahh...what marriage does to the body. Oh, yeah...I seem to have developed a major sleepy eye this year (here's to hoping it goes away by next year!).

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  1. what a NEAT idea! love the pictures
    xo. missy


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