Quotable Quote of the Week

I attended a family reunion for Big Willy's side of the family. The following quote makes me think of family history and of what family is to come.

I got strangers for great grandchildren / I got strangers for ancestors / I was a long time coming / I'll be a long time gone.  - Ani DiFranco from "Willing to Fight" 

Here are a few pictures from times past of my family:

Big Willy  (my dad) as a child with his mother (my Grandma) (circa 1940s)

Puffin (my mom) as a child with her great grandparents,  her mother (Merle) and her grandmother (Sally) (circa 1940s)

Merle (my grandmother), Stinky (me), and Puffin (my mom) on the porch swing at Great Grandma Sally's house (circa 1980s)

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