The Name Game

So the family is still trying to decide on the grandparent names for Mammie and Pappie. I thought we had it, but for some reason my mom keeps referring to herself as "grandma" and to dad as "granddaddy." Boring, I say. While at a family reunion this weekend, we started discussing what the Beebster is going to call my mom and dad. After throwing some names around, Bro and BroWife and Nae-Nae and myself came up with the most awesome grandparent names for my mom and dad that would be fitting.....(drum roll)...

BIG WILLY (dad) and PUFFIN (mom).

I think Big Willy and Puffin would be awesome and unique for them to be called. I wonder what they think? I am pretty sure my mom is not going to go for Puffin. I don't know that my dad really cares one way or the other.


  1. Your mom is trying to quit "puffin" best stay away from that....unkbob

  2. I am not sure your dad heard/ will hear what it is that he is being called.
    Bro Wife


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