Listing Myself

List the lines you're sick of waiting in:
1. the line at Subway next door to my job
2. bank drive thrus
3. US post office

List all of the things you do between turning off the alarm and walking out the front door:
1. Turn off the alarm
2. Sleep or lay in bed until I absolutely have to get up in order not to be late
3. Pour a glass of sweet tea
4. Tinkle
5. Shower
6. Dry off
7. Clean ears
8. Moisturize and put on make-up
9. Dry hair
10. Put on clothing and jewelry
11. Brush teeth while at the same time letting out the dogs, putting a pop-tart or waffle in the toaster, and turning on the radio for the dogs
12. Finish up in bathroom
13. A look in the full length mirror
14. Let the dogs back into the house, lock up back door
15. Wrap up pop-tart to go
16. Pour a 32oz to go cup of sweet tea
17. Give the dogs a treat
18. Out the door

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  1. I love the new look of your blog.. Very NICE!
    Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks in the Noke!


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