Fatty Fatty Boombalatty

Uggghhhh! That is exactly how I feel...fatty, fatty, boombalatty! We usually call our dog, Marlee, by that term because she is a fat dog. And I got the aka Baba Stink because of my enjoyment of food. I think I have been enjoying food and high calorie drinks (aka beer) a little bit too much lately...it's is finally starting to catch up with me. 

One time someone asked me how I kept off the pounds. I responded, "Anxiety. It's the best thing that has happened since dieting." I can be a nervous wreck at times, and when I have bouts of anxiety, I tend to lose weight. But I've got the anxiety under control, and I am feeling pretty good about life, so the lbs are coming back on.

Now, I know, realistically, that I am not fat...I am far from it. I know that I fall within the normal weight range for my age and height. I don't believe in weighing myself. I honestly believe one should feel comfortable in her skin, and a number on a scale doesn't necessarily reflect a person's shape or size or her feelings about her own body image. I refuse to be confined by a number. However, I do have a few pair of pants that allow me to judge how comfortable I am in my own skin. I wore a pair of pants to work today that were tugging on the button and feeling a little too snug on the waist. With this particular pair of pants, I know that means I am out of my comfort zone for feeling good in my skin. 

What must a girl do? Cut back on the fun beverages? Start eating good-for-you-food? Start exercising? Well, probably all of the above. I must admit that my diet has been terrible for the past few months. I definitely need to incorporate more fruits and veggies and less chips and bean dip into my diet. Also, I should start doing something to get the heart rate going. These are simple things to do, but it is hard to break habits. I enjoy being lazy and eating junky...that is what I have come to know over the past year. However, with my snug work pants taking me out of my comfort zone, I think it is time for me to get out of the lazy zone and do something about it!!! What do you think?

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  1. How about we park at the far end of the parking lot at Oliver Twist. Do martinis have fewer calories than beer?


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