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My dad always told me to be careful what you put in writing because it can come back to bite you in the butt. Well, consider my butt bitten.
In my quest to have a space of my own where I can write about how I truly feel about things, I have crossed the line. The things I have written have caused a backlash, of sorts, and I no longer feel safe writing about my personal trials and tribulations.
I have always been a journaler, and those who journal know that you are typically moved to write when you are going through a tough time. For me, writing about my stuggles helps me process what I am dealing with and moves me into action to make the necessary changes. As I have written on this blog, my writing has evolved. I know that my content has been on a more serious note lately because I feel like I have hit a hard time in my own life, and I am trying to work through it the best way that I can.
And for those who know me personally and through this blog know that I am an open-book with my life...the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am not embarrassed of who I am, where I am from, what I do, what I have, or what I am feeling. I have lots of good things in my life for which I am thankful...and I share those things openly. But I have never been one to paint my world as picture perfect...because it's not. I have chosen to share the not-so-good moments of my life, too, because my life isn't perfect, and nobody's life is that way. Life is messy and chaotic and confusing at times. And my hope was that by being honest and real in what I am dealing with, I could find comfort for myself while at the same time helping someone else feel that they are not alone.
However, in sharing some of my issues in an open forum, I did not take into account how it would affect those closest to me. While I don't mind being open with my business, it's not fair to put my hubby or child or other close relatives in a situation where they have to explain what I am writing. The things that I write on here are MY reality...whether or not people agree with my version of reality. We all have different perceptions of what truly is, and my depiction of life is just my version of things. It is not right to put my loved ones in a position where they have to explain or try to justify what I am writing or to be embarrassed of the things that I am putting out there. For that, I am truly sorry.
So I have decided to let this blog go. It has caused too much drama and that is the last thing I need right now. Whatever issues I am dealing with and going through right now need to be handled privately and not in an open forum. I need to protect myself and those closest to me.
I know, however, that I do have some people that like to follow along to see what has been going on with the baby. For those who read my blog because you want to see updates on Quin, home improvement, the dogs and how we are doing in general, I have created a new blog just for that purpose. It will be a family blog to keep relatives and friends that are far away in the loop of our daily life. So go HERE and add that link to your favorites because no more posts will be added to this blog! (And if I am on your blogroll, please consider deleting Stinky Times and adding the other...only if you wish!)
So, adios Stinky Times! It's time to move on! You've been good and served your purpose, but I need to let you go!

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