The Year in Review

The year of 2010 was a big one in our household with lots of changes and transitions. I wanted to take a minute to walk to memory lane and break down our big family milestones throughout the year.

January 2010
  • Had "that feeling" I was pregnant
  • Confirmed the pregnancy with 4 at-home tests and 1 visit to the doctor

    Preggers and didn't even know it!
February 2010
  • 1st visit with the OB-GYN
  • Heard the heartbeat and received ultrasound
  • Due date predicted for September 20
  • Told both sets of parents that we were pregnant
  • My beloved grandmother, Merle, passes away at the age of 82

     First Glimpse at the Mini-Stink

    A Life Well Lived: Missing you Every Day!
    8/3/26 - 2/9/10

    March 2010
  • Started work on the nursery
  • Crazy-like, manic nesting began
  • Genetic testing completed and no indicators of any abnormalities

    April 2010
  • Naeners completed and submitted application for National Board Certified Teaching certificate
May 2010
  • Apparently not too much happened this month or I just can't remember

    But I did get a new hair cut and color
June 2010
  • Family reunion and baby shower with my side of family

    First Gifts for Baby
July 2010
  • Celebrated 3 years of marital bliss (mostly)
  • Celebrated Naeners 33rd birthday

    3rd Wedding Aniversary
August 2010
  • Baby shower with friends and family
  • Last road trip to visit my parents and the beach before the baby arrives
  • Nursery completed, car seats installed, and bags packed for the hospital

    September 2010
  • Maternity leave begins
  • Most important day of the year - 9/22/10 - Gave birth to my son, Quinlan (aka Mini-Stink, Baby Q)

    Welcome to the World, Quin!
October 2010
  • Celebrated my 32nd birthday

    First Halloween
November 2010
  • Visited my Grandma so that Baby Q could meet his GiGi (great grandmother)
  • Baby Q hospitalized for possible menigitis
  • Naeners passed National Boards - Yay!
  • Celebrated Baby Q's 1st Thanksgiving
  • Interviewed for a position as a school social worker

    Gigi meets Baby Q
    (and can you believe Gigi is 91 years old?)

December 2010
  • Accepted social worker positin with school system
  • Returned to CPS job
  • Submitted resignation at CPS job
  • Baby Q starts daycare
  • Celebrated Baby Q's 1st Christmas

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