My hubby and I were watching Sunday Morning on CBS this morning and there was a segment on the website Awkward Family Photos. I went to check out the website, and it had some pretty hilarious family photos on it. And all of of the photos on the website are submitted by a family member himself.

Here are a few from the website that had me rolling in laughter:

And it got me thinking about photos from my family and if we had any awkward ones that would be worthy of submitting to the website. Here are just a few that I scrounged up from around my house. I am sure that my parents have lots more at their home.

Mommyhood at its finest!

Family Photo at the Mall
Mom and Dad have the same Hairstyle
Stinky sports a Mullet

Nothing like a family photo at the graveyard!

Christmas Cheer

I can't wait to see what "awkward" family photos we will produce now that we have a child in tow.

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  1. It's amazing how consistently we had bad hair cuts as children.


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