Pumkin Head

We had our first Halloween celebration with the little Mini-Stink. It really wasn't much of a celebration because the little one really has no idea what is going on, and we did not have any specific plans except to hand out candy later that evening. But we did dress up the little man in an outfit to celebrate the occasion anyways. I thought he looked quite adorable...if I do say so myself. 

 Pumpkin Head
Quin showing of his "pumpkin head" with a hat knitted by a relative

Quin looking a little spooked. Actually, as soon as we finished taking these photos, he took a big poop. And by big poop, I mean the kind that forced us into changing his entire outfit immediately.  I guess that "spooked" look was really the look of working out the bubble guts. So much for the Halloween cuteness. At least we got photos. 

Over It
We tried again to get some cute Halloween photo of the little one. Quin was over it...totally.

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  1. HA! He does look like he is working through a little something on that second photo. He is an adorable little one... very expressive! I hope you all are getting some rest!


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