Hump Day Dump Day

Here's another brain dump for everyone...

1. I am so disorganized. I can't get myself together enough to make a grocery list, cut the coupons, and get to the store.

2. We're out of milk and bread. I guess it doesn't matter that I have the cereal and peanut butter.

3. It's really hard to go shopping with an infant in tow. I guess that is why I have avoided the grocery store for the most part.

4. I now love watching The Ellen Degeneres Show. She's really funny and cracks me up.

5. I am also glad that I get to be home to watch the last season of Oprah.

6. I wish the weather would cool down. It was 88 degrees today. I am ready for some real fall weather.

7. I ate a bunch of lemon squares this weekend. I kind of felt guilty about it, but I couldn't stop myself from eating them. This uncontrollable habit around sweets may not be good for my thigh and butt situation. I can only use pregnancy as an excuse for so long (I think I am still in that window for now.).

8. I really don't want to go back to my full-time job. I am looking for part-time or contract work so that I can stay home during the day with my baby. I hope that I am able to find something. We can't afford for me to completely quit working, but the daycare costs are going to be ridiculous. I am hoping for the best of both work some and stay home some...wish me luck.

9. I look at my feet and ankles now, and they seem freakishly skinny. It's like they are anorexic. Surely my feet and ankles weren't really this skinny and boney. I really don't miss my fat feet and cankles, though; I just got accustomed to them. And I have been delighted that I've been able to slide my feet into my Converse shoes again.

10. My hubby brought flowers home to me because I had a rough night with the Mini-Stink.

11. He also got me some beer. I haven't had a beer since 1/1/10. It was good! And just what I needed to share with him tonight.

12. I would like a lemon bar right now!

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