2 1/2 Week Round-Up

Oh, bejebus! Has it already been over 2 weeks since I birthed my little boy into this world? Time has gone into overdrive ever since I became a mommy. The days run into nights and the nights run into days. Some days are a blur, but every little moment with my little one is vivid and clear. Mommyhood has been a trip thus far...and I am only 2 weeks in! I can't wait to see what the next 17 years and 50 weeks has in store for me!

Let me properly introduce my son (aka The Mini-Stink). My little boy was born on 9/22 weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs and 3 oz and measuring 20.5 in. We decided to name our little one Quinlan, but we will call him Quin. He is the most precious, sweetest little boy in the world! 

Quin has grown so much over the past two weeks. And I feel like I have grown, too, in my role as a mother. I am figuring things out day by day, and things seem to get a little easier as each day passes. I've pretty much mastered the art of holding an infant with a wobbly head and eating with one hand (I've even eaten dinner using my left hand (I'm a righty))! What I can say is that this motherhood thing is not for the birds! I've already learned that it is hard work, and nothing in this world can prepare you for what it will be like to have a child...I mean NOTHING...no words of advice or wisdom from friends or family, no articles on the internet, no educational groups, no baby books...NOTHING! It has been a challenge getting adjusted to life as a family of three, but it has been the most pleasant ride on a roller coaster I've ever taken thus far.

I love being a mommy! And I can't imagine life without my little one! And I love watching my hubby being a daddy to our son! Quin makes every day worthwhile. He has the chubbiest cheeks and the cutest eyes. He makes the sweetest sighing noises when he sleeps. He makes me laugh uncontrollably when he farts (who knew something so little could create such a ruckus with the buttocks)! I love that he snuggles up to me for warmth and comfort and the way he looks into my eyes when I am breast feeding him. He has the most innocent look on his face when he falls asleep at my breast. And he is so expressive when he is stretching to wake up. I love that he loves to fall asleep on my hubby's chest in the early evenings. I even love his very loud and shrill screams and how we can comfort him and make them go away. He has the softest hair and smoothest skin. I am truly in love with my little boy!

My Little Monkey
2 Weeks Old (10/6/10)

Like I said, life has suddenly propelled into fast forward. I think I've written half this post with one hand pecking at the keyboard and the baby in the other arm. I have much I want to share...when time allows me a few minutes. I plan to be back to share my birthing day story, tales of some baby blues, and a look at the body changes post birth. Exciting stuff...I know! 


  1. Aren't the farts hilarious?! Wait until he starts smiling while doing it!

  2. What a beautiful post! Congratulations again, Joette. :)


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