A Labor Day with No Labor

I guess the point of Labor Day is for us to take a break and enjoy the fruits of our daily labor by taking time to relax. Let me tell you...it is hard to relax when you feel you could go into "labor" at anytime. Don't get me wrong. I truly enjoyed my 3 day weekend away from work, and I think my hubby and I did a good job of mixing relaxation (lying around on the couches; taking naps; spending time with family; watching football) with getting some stuff done around the house (regular household chores and maintenance; last minute nesting/baby stuff).

There is nothing relaxing about wondering if today is going to be the day that the labor begins, however. I started my weekend off thinking that I was going to go into labor. I just knew it. Or maybe I was just syking myself out. My due date is not until 9/20/10, but techinically speaking (okay...not so technically), the baby is ripe and can come at anytime. If what I have been told (by doctors, books, and birthing class instructor) is true, there are at least some indicators that should have clued me in on the fact that this Labor Day weekend was not going to be a laboring affair for me.

First, most first pregnancies go past the original due date (this is my first). Second, white women tend to have longer incubation periods for their babies (in case you haven't noticed, I'm a whitey). Third, the course of a woman's pregnancy (and labor) is likely to be similar to that of her mother (my mom was a week late with me; right on time with my brother). Fourth, even though the baby is considered full-term at 37 weeks, it is possible for the baby to wait as long as 42 weeks before making the debut into this world.

This Labor Day weekend marked the end of my 37th week, and Labor Day (monday) was the kick-off to my 38th week. So, I am thinking that I still have some time...to sit and wait and wish...for this baby to make it's appearance, but one never really knows when the ball is going to get rolling on this labor thing. I went into this weekend thinking labor and birth were imminent, and I headed back to work today believing that this baby is going to stay cozy on the inside for a while. I just need to RELAX and quit trying to predict when it will happen!

38 weeks 1 day

This picture was taken prior to my appointment today, and I just got back from the appointment. No real news to report other than the baby sounds "happy" and the heartbeat is strong. There is no real dilation to report at this time, so I am still left to sit and wait. 

The doctor I saw today is the one that my husband and I find to be a real jerk. I was hoping this appointment would leave me feeling differently about her, but it didn't. And you know how Murphy's Law goes, Dr. Jerky-pants will most likely be the doctor-on-call and the one in the delivery room when the time comes. Maybe I'll "accidentally" kick her in the face when I am pushing or just blow a big fart at her (I know, I know! I shouldn't wish or do harm to anyone! BUT when you are pregnant, these primal instincts and feelings just surface and there is no filter left not to share them with everyone. So I do apologize!)

On a positive note, I am feeling good and getting more and more excited with each passing day. I think we're both ready to meet this baby and start life as our own little family!

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  1. You look great! Seeing you in your nursery freaks me out because I just got word my changing table is still in production...does no one care I'm 11 days away from having this baby?!?! Seriously your nursery looks great. Waiting is hard, huh?


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