Boy or Girl???

Are we going to have a boy or girl? I don't know because we chose to keep it a surprise. But as I get closer and closer to my due date, I want to know what this little person is that has been growing inside of me. I know I am going to love him or her no matter what, but I am ready to put a gender to the "it" that has taken over my body.

It has been fun listening to family, friends, co-workers, clients, and strangers on the street make their predictions about the sex of my baby. Even more fun is to hear the reasoning for their predictions. More people have predicted that I am going to have a boy, but I have definitely had some people guessing a girl. 

Some of the reasons for the predictions for the boy have been, "Oh, you are front and center, so that means boy." "Oh, you still look pretty. If it was a girl, you would look a mess." "If it were a girl,  you would look much wider in the front." 

As for the predictions for a girl, I think most people who know us personally have made that prediction based on my hubby's strong desire to have a boy. Yes, he would like a girl, but he says if has a boy first, then the pressure is off to keep the family name going. I think people like to tell him that he is going to have a girl just to see him squirm.

I really don't have any guesses and feelings one way or the other. At first, I really thought it was a girl. Then, as time passed with this pregnancy, I have been leaning more towards boy. However, I am wondering if my guess that it will be a boy is based on the majority's prediction of a boy. Oy! I dunno!

I have looked at Chinese gender predictor calendars. Supposedly, they are correct most of the time. Most of the ones I have reviewed, say to use the mother's age at conception (31) along with the month of conception (December).

Whatever "it" is, we will find out soon enough! And then there will be no more speculation!

Woman's Age at Conception
Month of

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  1. 31 and November for me. All the calendars I looked at said girl and I thought girl the whole time, but guess what?! I could not be happier with my little boy!


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