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Have  you seen any really good 80s movies lately? I know it's been 20 years since the 80s hit us, but there is something about the movies made back then!

My BroLaw made invited me and my hubby over to his house this past Sunday to watch one of his favorite 80s movies. We have heard him talk about this particular movie for ages with zeal and excitement. He sounded so sad and let down when we didn't express any interest in seeing the movie because, quite frankly, it sounded dumb!!! But we decided to give it a whirl and watch this movie. Besides, isn't that what family does...make sacrifices to keep each other happy? All I have to say is that after watching the movie (which I really only half-assed watched because I was also reading SisLaw's People magazines), BroLaw must know now that we really, really love him.

You're probably wondering what movie it was that we watched.

Well, let me introduce you to Streets of Fire. Check out the movie trailer...

Sooo...will you be running out to find this movie and watch it?

You can tell from the trailer that the plot looks awesome, and you can't deny the cool soundtrack! And the acting is superb. I have to tell you...it's a must see!!! (Do you sense any sarcasm here?)

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  1. I caught Adventures in Babysitting on tv last week. Gosh, I love that movie! The past at the beginning when Elisabeth Shue dances to "Then He Kissed Me"in her bedroom was a defining moment in my childhood. :)


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