Somewhere to Sleep

I am really struggling right now. It is almost 8pm, and I am ready to crawl in bed and sleep for 48 hours straight. I have a lot of my mind, but I don't seem to have the energy to get it written down. But, trust me, I've been getting it out verbally to everyone around me...mostly my hubby. 

I am going to keep this short and sweet...our baby now has a bed to sleep in when he or she comes home with us. I am so relieved. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, we got the crib a while back but it had remained in its box for a bit until we got the room to a point where it was ready for the crib. It feels like a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders to have the dressers and crib in place. The crib has its bedding, and the dressers are filled with what baby supplies and clothing we've obtained up to this point. Everything else is gravy, at this point, when it comes to room decor. I must give a huge shout out to my hubby for getting it really was all him!

We also started our birth and labor classes this past Monday. The beginning of the classes have brought up emotions of excitement, anticipation, and fear. I hope that by the end of the classes, I feel less fear...I hope!

32 weeks
Thank goodness for stretchy maternity jeans!!!
(This dresser will serve as our changing table...just need to add the changing pad to it.)

Nae-nae puts together the crib. 
I was glad to see that it looked relatively simple to put together and not a lot of little pieces to figure out. 
Here's hoping that it doesn't fall apart when we put the baby in the crib. 

Two thumbs up for a put together crib. 
I know I make it look like I had something to do with putting it together, 
but I didn't except for the nagging to get it done and putting on the linens. 
And yes, the wall does look bare behind the crib. 
We would like to put something up over the crib displaying the child's name, 
but since we don't know what we're having yet, the artwork will have to wait!

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  1. No need to be afraid Joette.... One word for ya EPIDURAL haha

    Andy O


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