Stinky? Are you there?

Yes, I am still here folks! Things have been busy in the stink-stank household. Of course, what household isn't busy, right? I don't know. Things seem to have picked up pace, and I am doing all that I can to keep my head above water on some days. It's a good thing I have the extra belly weight to keep me afloat. 

Naeners has been busy finishing up his last few weeks of school. He has been busy getting students ready for the end-of-year testing, talking to parents, helping students get their work up to par, and grading, grading, grading. Today is his last day...then he is free for the summer. I am jealous because there is no light at the end of the tunnel for me as far as work is concerned. Well, I guess if you consider giving birth and FMLA (12 wks) a kind of light to get away from work, then I can't wait until September (well, I can't wait for obvious reasons...I am ready to meet this little booger). Anywho...even though Naeners is "free" from work, his real work begins with getting the house ready for the mini-stink!  

As you can see in the picture below (taken 5/31/10), the baby's dresser still maintains its current dwelling in our living room. It's been in the same exact spot since March with maybe a few extra items placed on top of the drawers (I can see there is some motor oil for our edger or tiller behind my hand, and that has nothing to do with getting the dresser completed. Oh! And I can see our iPod remote and a pamphlet sitting on top of the paint can!). As you can see, it has become quite the catch all for miscellaneous items.  I don't know what we're gonna do with our junk when the dresser actually gets painted and put in the baby's room. Any ideas? I am hoping that this is one of the first projects we get completed...and when I say "we," I actually mean Nae-Nae because I am not supposed to be around the chemicals that will be required to finish off the project. 

24 weeks
Naeners said, "You look preeeeetttty!" I think he was joking. This picture was taken after having a Lost marathon all day. I had been lying and sleeping on our couches all day (I switch from couch to couch so I don't get bed sores...LOL). And if you look closely, you can see a nice grease stain on my shirt on top of the belly. The belly seems to be a good grease catcher for cooking.

Things have been busy for me, too. Work has been crazy, and I've been getting home later than usual. I am hoping that this is not a trend that continues, especially after I return to work once the baby is all settled. I hate spending time away from home for work as it is anyways, and I can only imagine it will feel even worse being away once the baby is here. For those who don't know, I am a social worker with Child Protective Services (I am the one who gets to knock on the door of a family if there is suspected abuse or neglect). The reports have been coming non-stop the past few weeks. I really hope it slows down...really!

I've also been busy trying to keep the house in order and organized and mostly clean. I guess it is the whole nesting thing. Or maybe it is the fact that I am not on my anxiety medication (just mild anxiety...I am not a crazy person....or am I?), so I self-soothe by cleaning. I guess there could be worse things to do to self-soothe. At least the house is staying clean...mostly! Ha! 

25 weeks
I was shocked when I looked at this picture. I didn't realize how pregnant I looked. It kind of looks like I am holding a pumpkin with my orange shirt. It makes me wonder what I will look like come August!

I also want to say that I have been very blessed thus far with my pregnancy experience. Besides the minor aches and pains of a growing belly and the initial bout of nausea, my pregnancy has been great and I have felt good. The baby is healthy and growing as it should be...and I couldn't ask for much more than that. I have also had a lot of support from my family and friends and have really enjoyed sharing my experiences with them, as well as, hearing about their pregnancy and child rearing experiences. I've also been blessed with getting a lot of free stuff...from maternity clothing to baby clothing and items. I have had friends, family, and co-workers that have been very generous to me, and let me tell  you, every penny counts when getting ready for a baby. So I have to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for their kindness and generosity! 

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