Why is it...

Why is it that whenever I have to pee so badly that my bladder feels like it is going to explode that I keep drinking my beverage? What is wrong with me? On my way home from work today (and this is not the first time), I really, really, really had to pee. I had my big cup of water, and I kept taking sips from it throughout my 30 minute commute. I mean, really, am I trying to actually make my bladder blow-up?

And...why is it that some people feel it necessary to make comments about my body that really aren't necessary to make? Don't get me wrong! I've done plenty of talking about my expanding waistline, hipline, and butt line because it's reality. But it one thing when I bring it up and another when someone comes out of the blue to point out the growing body parts. I equate it to when you talk about your own momma/daddy/brother/cousin/fill-in-the-blank, but I'll be damned if someone else says something negative or shitty about that person. Oh, no you didn't! Well, I think it is the same with my body parts.

I was coming out of the bathroom yesterday and passed by a few co-workers. I may have nodded hello or waved but I was on a mission to get back to my desk and finish up some work, so I kept on going without making any conversation. I then I heard one of the women say, "Um. Stinky (except she used my real name) surely is getting a butt on her." Really? I mean, really? Was it necessary to point that out? Maybe getting a butt is good thing...I dunno...maybe I need one. Then, again, maybe it isn't such a good thing. And there have been some comments about my hips that have come from nowhere...before I even really looked pregnant. Thanks for letting me know my hips are a lot wider. I didn't know we were discussing them.

Like I've said, I've been open about changes my body is going through, and I don't mind sharing the experience because it's what makes me a woman, and it's what women often bond through...body talk. But an unsolicited comment about my body when there is no discussion happening about it makes me feel awkward and insecure. Ok, so my butt is getting big. Was that comment really necessary...in the middle of the day...at work...by a co-worker or anyone else? Maybe next time I will retort with an unsolicited comment...and not the, "Oh you look pretty today," but the "maybe you should worry about your own ass/hips/stomach/etc/etc...what's your excuse" kind of comment. 

I will keep it real. And I appreciate people keeping it real with me...but at least let me be the first to comment on my own body before adding your 2 cents...please...especially when it comes to expanding body parts! (Disclaimer: If your are telling me that I look beautiful, sexy, amazing, fit, etc, etc....then comment all you want! LOL!)

21 weeks


  1. You look great!! Don't pay one bit of attention to comments like that. I can't stand it when people say things like that. What kind of person thinks thats ok? I think you look super skinny and sexy with the cutest little baby belly! (Espeacially in this pic)


  2. I think you look good babe! Mmmm bags!


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