Flashback Friday

Prom 1996

This time of the year is one filled with prom excitement for young teenagers across the country. The high school where my hubby teaches is having prom this Saturday, and it made me think of my own prom experiences. It's  hard to believe that I attended prom 14 years ago. Has time really gone by that quickly? This pic is from my junior prom. My date was the bestest...another junior at my school. I think we looked pretty sharp for back in the day. If only I could find that dress, I would put it back on and dance the night away. And come to think of it, I might still have those shoes...somewhere! Ha! Honestly, though, kids put a lot stock in prom. I am glad that I can look back to my prom experiences and say that I truly had a good time. But it is just one night, kiddos, and life goes on no matter what happens that one night. I promise you...it is not the last time for great memories to be made or had...it's only the beginning!

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