Things We've Been Doing

Soooooo...a whole week flew by just like that! Time seems to be on the move, and I'm not doing a good job of keeping up. Here are some things we've been doing the past two weeks.

Naener's finally finished spackling our bedroom so we could paint! Have I mentioned that he's addicted to spackling? I think he could benefit from a spackle-anon group! I love him, anyways! I must say our walls do look good!

The room got its first coat of paint. As I type right now, Naeners is putting on the final coat tonight. This project took a little longer than anticipated. We've been camping out in our living room since March 31. I love it that we sometimes get overly ambitious with our time when it comes to home projects. We're hoping to get back into our room tomorrow...finally!

I took to sanding the dresser where DadLaw left off. But....that didn't last very long...maybe 30 minutes or so. It was hard and hot! I didn't like it! This project is another one Naeners will be finishing up (thanks, Sweetie)! Until then, the dresser is camped out in our living room.

The mini-stink continued to working on growing and developing vital body parts and know...just the usual stuff that goes on inside the womb. I am 16 weeks along in this picture.

We attended a lovely wedding this afternoon. It was a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful couple!

Here's to another week of trying to get things done and not letting time sneak up too quickly!


  1. The wall color is beautiful! What is the color and brand? Thanks!

  2. Hi, Amanda! The color is Nantucket Fog by Benjamin Moore. The picture does not do the color justice. I just love the color and had been eye-balling it for months! It's finally on my walls...and THAT makes me happy!



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