There is nothing much to report around here. Work has been busy, busy, busy. And home life? Well, it has calmed down a bit, but I've been busy trying to keep things clean and picked-up around the house.

The good news is that life is about to get a little more exciting in the Stinky household this mom is in town to help me with some sewing projects, and we all might catch a free show, and there are also plans to go to a surprise party. So, hopefully, I will have something more fun to talk about other than the humdrum of the every day routine of life.

The most exciting thing in these parts (or in this house) has been the cupcakes I made. They're not homemade...just Betty Crocker from a box with Food Lion frosting. The cool thing is that you can now buy mix to make just 12 cupcakes instead of 24. I've had 2 cupcakes a day for the past 3 days. Naeners has nibbled on a few, too. I think I might polish them off tomorrow. Yummm....cupcakes.

19 weeks


  1. josie - you are the so cute el preggo! I can't wait to see that belly in person! xo.
    ps - why only 2 cupcake a day??

  2. Looks like you're starting to get the "baby belly" you've been waiting on :) Super Cute!


  3. Either you're preggo or you need to hit the treadmill.


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