101 Things to do in 1001 Days

It's true! I've been inspired, and I am going to try to complete a big "to do" list in 1001 days! I am discarding the year of Stink-Stank and replacing it with my list of 101 things I want to get done in the next 2+ years.

The list is not quite a bucket list, but there are definitely some things that I would include on my bucket list from this "to do" list. It's more about getting some things done that I've been talking about doing for years. It's about breaking old habits and creating new ones. It's about exploring life...the mundane and the exciting parts of it! And some of it's about challenging myself to do weird and awkward things!

I tried to keep the list realistic and doable. Some things are things to do around the house, around the town, around the State. Other things are more related to my self-esteem and well-being. And still others are about exploring my creative side and altruistic parts of my being.

Do you think I can do it? I do! It's definitely something to keep me focused and entertained for the next 1001 days! It may even keep you entertained as I document my trials and successes of getting through this list.

So, here goes...

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days:

1. Run 5k and 10k races at least 1 time per year (6)
2. Participate in a full spa day for myself
3. Buy a new piece of jewelry for myself each month (32)
4. Buy a new piece of clothing for myself each month (32)
5. Lose 7 lbs (and keep it off)
6. Wake up earlier Monday-Friday (to get more stuff done)
7. Go without fast food for 60 days
8. Get my own bike and ride it around town
9. Subscribe to a health magazine for inspiration
10. Take dogs on more walks (3x/week)
11. Start using the Wii Fit that has collected dust for the past 1.5 years
12. Be able to do 1000 sit-ups/100 push-ups/500 squats
13. Develop an exercise regimen and work it consistently

14. Eat fish
15. Make a new recipe each month (32)
16. Try a new local restaurant every other month (16)
17. Find 25 new ways to cook chicken (not to count towards new monthly recipe) (25)
18. Find 50 new ways to cook potatoes (not to count towards new monthly recipe) (50)
19. Learn how to decorate a cake and decorate 1 for a special occasion
20. Be a vegetarian for 30 days
21. Make a recipe book by collecting recipes from friends and family
22. Develop weekly menus for home-cooked meals and keep organized in notebook
23. Go 30 days without fried food
24. Go beer/alcohol free for 30 days

25. Learn how to sew - take a sewing class
26. Learn how to use DSLR camera - take photography class
27. Create a YouTube or Vimeo account
28. Sew my own curtains for 1 room in the house
29. Participate in NaBloPoMo each November (2)
30. Keep blog up and running - post consistently
31. Complete 1000 piece puzzle
32. Sew my own shirt or skirt or dress
33. Make a piece of artwork for the house
34. Make something old "new" again
35. Create a cover song playlist with at least 100 songs
36. Take photos Naeners' soccer team to help create end-of-season gifts/awards
37. Make homemade gifts for holidays/birthdays/special occasions for friends/family
38. Create a photo journal of neat/cool signs/sayings
39. Take a dance lesson (can be a 1 night lesson such as contra/salsa/etc)

Family/Friends/Social Life:
40. Go fishing with dad at least once per year (3)
41. Host an Ugly Christmas Sweater party
42. Host a pig-pickin'
43. Interview and video Merle
44. Organize an on-going "girls'" get together
45. Eat dinner with Merle at least 1 time per month (32)
46. Host a Pure Romance party
47. Reconnect with an old friend
48. Always send Austin (and any new niece or nephew that may come along) a card/gift for holidays/special occasions
49. Procreate

Volunteer/Do-Good Stuff:
50. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
51. Volunteer at SPCA
52. Organize a donation drive
53. Leave a $20.00 tip on a bill less than $20.00
54. Send a card/kudo/gratitude monthly to a friend/co-worker/family/random person/etc (32)
55. Adopt a family for Christmas

Travel/Out and About/Adventure:
56. Go to the zoo
57. Do a night walk excursion at the Eno
58. Sleep outside under the stars
59. Go on a picnic in the spring and fall each year (5)
60. Drive part of the Blue Ridge Parkway and rent a mountain cabin
61. Go parasailing
62. Go to a musical/play/broadway show 1 time per year (3)
63. Watch a movie at an outdoor theater
64. Go watch more local bands-at least 2xs per year (6)
65. Participate in a police ride along in Durham
66. Go to an amusement park and ride the rides
67. Visit Ocracoke
68. Visit Biltmore and take winery tour
69. Go to the driving range with Naeners and learn basic swing skills
70. Visit NC Art Museum
71. Visit all free museums in downtown Raleigh
72. Go to at least one sporting event per year (college/minor/pro) (3)
73. Go skydiving
74. Take a trip out of the country-maybe Mexico
75. Go to at least 1 local festival 2 times per year (6)

Home Improvement/Organization:
76. Do the old family photos photo collage going down the hallway
77. Design a landscape and implement for 2 beds in the backyard
78. Set-up a compost unit
79. Start using paper/reusable bags
80. Clean and organize sun room (aka our junk room)
81. Clean and organize shed
82. Help Naeners on more consistent basis with yardwork
83. Decorate house for each season/holiday
84. Go through closets (clothing & utility) about every 6 months and throw out items no longer needed
85. Redesign/decorate a room completely
86. Reorganize and label all photos

Money/Financial Stuff:
87. Put $XX amount into savings each month (more if able to do so)
88. Get all credit cards paid off
89. Take lunch to work in lieu of eating out/buying lunch
90. Save change from all cash purchases (do not use change when purchasing)
91. Save $1.00 per day for 1001 days

92. Read 12 new books (12)
93. Send a secret into PostSecret
94. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies
95. Write down death wishes (funeral/will/etc.)
96. Start a new tradition
97. Get wedding dressed cleaned and preserved
98. Watch movies to books I've read that have been made into movies
99. Conquer a video game all on my own without the help of Nae-Nae
100. Get a hammock for the backyard and read a book in it
101. Reach the master level on Bop-It and complete at least 50 reps on that level


  1. you should invite your brother for the Ocracoke goal.

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    Didn't think so!

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  5. If you plan on procreating I think it is going to make a 5 k/ 10k every year hard... also sky diving. I think you get extra bonus points for growing a person and birthing it it should count for more than one thing on your list! Just a thought!

    PS: Your hips aren't big!
    PPS: And you are not hairy!


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